Seoul and its beautiful chaos

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What to do and what to see in Seoul, the most beautiful city in South Korea. From delicious street food to museums that are a feast for the eyes – Seoul is a place full of magic.

What to see in Seoul? If you are planning a trip to Asia, South Korea, and want to visit the most beautiful places in Seoul, this article will be helpful. Here are 5 things to see and do in Seoul, to make you appreciate the best of this magnificent Korean city.

1. Go to the Bongeunsa temple

Do you want some time to find inner peace? The Bongeunsa temple is located between the thousand skyscrapers of Seoul’s financial district, Gagnam. Subscribe to the activity “the life of the temple” and let yourself be introduced to the Buddhist culture thanks to a tea ceremony and mental training. You should also explore one of the five palaces in Seoul. The biggest one, the Gyeongbukgung, offers the chance to dress up wearing traditional costumes (and without spending anything). Make sure you have plenty of time to explore the giant gardens and the neighborhood!

2. Visit the past at the Dongdaemun historical-natural park

Would you like to travel in time? Head to Dongdaemun’s historical-natural park, where you can take a look at the giant silver spaceship-shaped building, built right in the center of the neighborhood. Nearby camps host a historic theme park, where you can see the ruins of a military camp of the Choseon dynasty and walk along the ancient defensive walls of Seoul.

3. Head to Myeongdong for shopping

If you like shopping, take home one of Korea’s famous cosmetics, passing through the blinding lights of the Myeongdong district. Be sure to try some street food from one of the many sellers lined up in the streets. You want to taste Korea? Do as the locals do – call the waiter yelling “Yo-gi-ohYou should also take a bottle of Soju, the most characteristic drink of Korea. When you need a break, stop by one of the Korean-themed bars and enjoy your espresso.

4. Recreate a battle at the Korean War Museum
It may be hard to remember the tragic history of Korea as you explore modern Seoul. Korea has been devastated by a civil war, and technically still at war with North Korea. Learn the story of the Korean conflict as you explore the more than 9,000 exhibits inside and the collection of historical vehicles on the outside. This very digital and interactive museum also has a room to experience a three-dimensional flight on the F-15K, a shooting range and a four-dimensional landing at Incheon.

5. Pamper yourself in the Korean spas
Get an exfoliating massage all over your body in one of the spas of Korea. Be sure to also visit the many other parts of the facilities, including themed saunas, medicinal baths, heated whirlpools, game rooms and much more! Are you feeling tired? Many facilities even allow you to spend the night there! You can enjoy this experience much more if you decide to take along an seoul escort. The Korean women are very worm and funny. You will definitely have a great time in this one of a kind city.

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