Main events you can’t miss in South Korea

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Every year many festivals are held in South Korea, which promote agricultural products, cooking, arts and crafts. Here are some of the main events you can’t miss.

1. International Mask Dance Festival of Andong
The Andong Mask Dance Festival is held in Andong, home to the Confucian culture of Korea. The festival shows refined dance performances of national and international masks. In the Hahoe village, which has been designated as one of Korea’s Cultural Heritage, visitors can enjoy the performance of masked dance performances in the pine forests. You can also enjoy the splendid Hahoe Seonyujulbulnori, the highlight of Korea’s traditional fireworks, which illuminates the night sky from one end to the other, leaving an unforgettable impression on visitors.

2. Mushroom Festival of Yangyang Pine
The Yangyang Pine Mushroom Festival takes place in Yangyang, Korea, representative for the production of the pine mushroom. During the festival, visitors can collect song-i (pine mushrooms), accompanied by an expert in the field. During the trip, you can take a walk and enjoy the clean air of the fresh pine forests and the spectacular natural landscape. You can also participate in a “homestay” program (accommodation with host family) at a pine mushroom farm and spend the Korean countryside in the fall. In addition, there is a half marathon along roads bordered with pine mushrooms by the Namdaecheon stream.

3. Gimje Horizon Festival
The Horizon Festival of Gimje is a unique agricultural festival. The area where the festival is held serves as an excellent educational place, where visitors can experience various cultures and traditional Korean rural customs. Through the experimentation of the agrarian culture, the festival offers visitors a chance to truly appreciate nature. It also provides visitors with an opportunity to understand and experience Korea’s family-oriented culture.

4. Pusan International Film Festival
Despite its short history. The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) has become one of the most influential film festivals in Asia, filling Busan with famous directors, actors, critics, fans and huge audiences. The PIFF focuses primarily on Asian films, but films from around the world are screened, including North America and Europe. This allows moviegoers to gain a global perspective of all the major film trends. The films are screened in numerous theaters in the Nampo-dong street area, in the Cinema Room in Millak-dong, and on a giant outdoor screen in Suyeongman Bay.

Rice is the symbol of the city of Icheon and the autumn harvest of rice is the highlight of Korea’s agrarian culture. During the festival, the farmers who work in the rice fields and the urbanites who have left behind the life of the city, come together and celebrate the good harvest.
Here are the top 5 festivals that you should not miss. If you are traveling alone, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful lady, that will show you how to have a great time in South Korea. This is a great way to experience this fascinating country.

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