Important things you need to know before visiting South Korea

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Nature reserves, cities that never sleep, traditional villages and hidden temples are just some of the attractions to be discovered in South Korea.

Wedged between China and Japan, South Korea does not have the Great Wall or the Golden Pavilion, but it does not lack attractions. Although the country has been left devastated by the war and is still separated from North Korea by the demilitarized zone, it is actually a very safe place to visit that is worth discovering. Visitors are immediately overwhelmed by the fast rallies of cities that never sleep, but areas outside urban centers reveal a very different side with islands that seem to have been forgotten, full of traditional villages where they still perform masked dances and gastronomy offers special dishes. The advice, before leaving, is to try to find out where to go, what to see, where to stay, etc. … consulting other travel journals, Tripadvisor and the site.

You also need to know that English is generally spoken in hotels and in the stations, but among people in the cities it is almost unknown. This will lead you to try different ways to order food, if you do not have an English menu or photos. The hardest part is talking to the taxi drivers, so it is wise to write in Korean your destination and then show them where you want to go.

The best period to visit South Korea is in spring during the cherry blossoms: even here, to a lesser extent than Japan, there are in fact many cherry trees in the various gardens of the city.

The good news is that South Korea is really very cheap. The only expensive things are pizza and coffee, for the rest you spend very little. Regarding the food, do not ask too many questions and taste a little of everything. One thing to try if you are not too fussy is the live octopus (they bring it cut into pieces that still move). The main dishes are the various types of noodles, the bibimbap and the barbecue.

Within the country, travel can travel by train. You will find all the information you need on the Korail website. There, you can get information on the Korail Pass, which gives you access to trains for a certain period of time.
It is advisable to make a health insurance, but no special measures are necessary. The country is clean and organized, there is a bathroom practically at every corner, even in subway stops and in the temples and the conditions are good.

In Korea, the summer is hot and humid, with average temperatures around 30 °, and the winter is rather cold and dry, with peaks reaching very well below zero. It is therefore good to prepare yourself with clothes suitable for the season. In addition to basic things such as trousers, T-shirts and linens, you need to have some precautions regarding items that are difficult to find. Starting from the deodorant, which in Korea is very expensive and has rather limited brands; shoes, hard to find after number 39; razor blades that are rather expensive.
This are some of the thing you need to know before you go to South Korea.
Have a nice trip!

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