How to Get a Site Partner With Confidence

After reviewing millions of profiles, the best match for you will be found in the form of a shortlist of potential partners that meet your criteria. Whilst this means that you have to do most of the work and search for the potential ‘partners’, it gives you the advantage of really knowing what you want and being confident to go […]

Seoul and its beautiful chaos

What to do and what to see in Seoul, the most beautiful city in South Korea. From delicious street food to museums that are a feast for the eyes – Seoul is a place full of magic. What to see in Seoul? If you are planning a trip to Asia, South Korea, and want to visit the most beautiful places […]

Main events you can’t miss in South Korea

Every year many festivals are held in South Korea, which promote agricultural products, cooking, arts and crafts. Here are some of the main events you can’t miss. 1. International Mask Dance Festival of Andong The Andong Mask Dance Festival is held in Andong, home to the Confucian culture of Korea. The festival shows refined dance performances of national and international […]

It’s all about culture

Located in the north-east of the Asian continent, South Korea is the emblem of balance. Equilibrium which is the central meaning of its flag, where the elements of the sky, earth, water and fire coexist in harmony together with the symbols of Yang (positive) and Yin (negative). Korea is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, according to archaeological […]

Important things you need to know before visiting South Korea

Nature reserves, cities that never sleep, traditional villages and hidden temples are just some of the attractions to be discovered in South Korea. Wedged between China and Japan, South Korea does not have the Great Wall or the Golden Pavilion, but it does not lack attractions. Although the country has been left devastated by the war and is still separated […]